This should have been posted about a week ago, but it feels like I needed all last week to get over my jet lag and get fully active again. My god, this was by far the worst one ever. Not sure if it was the average of 4 hours of sleep back in Vegas, but I’m guessing that has something to do with it. As I’m typing this I’m already in the middle of another trip, this time to  Berlin, so busy times right now.

Anyway, before the trip I was hoping I could do a in-depth blog post about the Summit about all the sessions, the people  I met from the business and all the new business I would bring home.

So, I’m afraid that’s not going to happen….. I think we made a little planning mistake. We planned our trip so that the Summit was almost at the beginning of our trip instead of at the ending like last year. So what happened was that we partied SO hard the first days and came home so late (it was the first time Vegas for 2 of us) that most of the Summit we were actually sleeping (SHAME ON US!!!). In fact the very first day we came home at 9:00 AM so the Summit was already open for a full hour. I felt so bad… We did manage to go there for a full hour though later that afternoon.

So, not so much info about the Affiliate Summit. Anything interesting else then you would like to share with us Gioom? Well yes actually. Some good and some bad.

First off, we started at the Aria hotel, located in the new heart of Vegas, the ‘City Centre’, the biggest privately funded construction in the United States. And my god, the City Centre is such a great addition to Vegas. It’s beautiful! Especially the Cosmopolitan hotel, it just looks stunning, inside and out! That’s where I’m staying next year for sure!

But the Aria was great too. Great room, but the most awesome feature must be it’s amazing ‘control the universe’ remote they had over there. It controls everything from the TV to the shades, airco, lights you name it. It was great fun when my buddy Hein was doing a nr 2 and I kept switching all the lights on and off, haha. (I guess you had to be there).

The room:

The most elite remote ever:

Then 2 days later we had to change hotels. Because of the CES, the AVN and the Affiliate Summit conventions there was no hotel who could accommodate us for our full stay (we did book pretty late). So our last 4 days we spent at the Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgate. Over there we had the 4 bedroom Penthouse suite and although the room itself was pretty amazing with a great view, HD beamer and bar, I would never go there again.

One being the fact that I had itchy legs all 4 days plus it looked like I had bite marks on there, so that made me suspect that they might have a case of  bedbugs going on there. Another of my travel companions had the very same problem. Some other problems that caused me not to go there again: the amplifier was broken on arrival, the desk clerks wear football jerseys without name tags (quite strange for a pretty expensive hotel if you ask me), my room wasn’t cleaned for 2 days despite having the ‘clean my room’ light on and finally when we had a guy sick with fever and all, there was nobody picking up the phone at the reception after 3 tries. So, will not be going there again.

Like I said, room was pretty amazing:

Now, the affiliate network parties are always a blast! Unfortunately we had a lot of parties to choose from, so we might or might not have seen the best ones, but it was big fun nevertheless.

First party was of Buy.at. A pretty new network in the US that originates from the UK. It is known as “Affiliate Window” over there and what I’ve heard of it, it’s one of the best, if not THE best, networks in the UK. We had a really good talk with Nick Cartwright, their brand sales manager and I’m definitely going to run some campaigns with them!

Anyway, the party was really good too, the location was just awesome! It was on top of “The Hotel”, owned by the Mandalay Bay. I really really REALLY didn’t like the outside glass lift going up some 58 floors, but it was well worth it because the view was nothing short of breathtaking:

The party was laid back but fun, unfortunately because it was not a closed party, there were a lot of weird people haning out there that came from the CES and had nothing to do with affiliate marketing, but despite that, we had a great time.

The next day it was time for the Epic Direct party. Besides the fact that it’s probably my favorite network out there, they are known for having THE best parties. I went to their Playboy Mansion party in 2009 and that was insane! This time their party was in the Blush, a very stylish club in the Encore. Great atmosphere, good people plus LOTS of gorgeous girls. Epic Direct keeps amazing me by having more beautiful girls at their party every time.

Unfortunately for some reason we forgot to take pictures of them, but instead I do have a picture of us hanging out with my affiliate manager Michael Boghosian

After that we were planning to go to Clickbooth‘s ‘Black Card Party’, but when we came to the secret location, the staff told us that the party had moved but they had no idea where. Nor did we at that moment so instead we went somewhere else. Too bad we found out way too late where Clickbooth’s party had moved too.

As you can tell, we didn’t miss the parties, but it would be better if we had seen a bit more of the summit like last year. Next year we’re definitely going to do all the partying in the beginning so we will have more than enough time to hangout with other people in the business and do some more networking.

For all you non-believers I do want to post one picture that you can see that we were actually there:

And finally if you do want some real info about the summit, my buddy Jonathan Volk made a list of good recaps and you can find them here:

Ian Fernando
Riley Pool
Ryan Grey
Logan Tompson
Daily Conversions
Rohail Rizvi
Danger Brown
John Chow

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3 Responses to “Vegas party trip…Ehm Affiliate Summit West 2011 recap”

  • Hein says :

    January 25, 2011 at 8:07 PM

    I like the last picture! The one showing our pose, pretending to be as if we were actually at the summit :). Looks kinda real to me after all. Thanks again Gioom for printing those fake badges!

  • Lotte says :

    January 25, 2011 at 9:58 PM

    Nice clothes! :)

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